Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The reports of my blog demise are in error......

A couple months back, roughly, I composed and sent registered mail, a letter to the Alaska Mini Goat Cache. In it, I asked them to resolve the outstanding judgment, or I would be forced to proceed with the legal mechanism to seize the judgment from the organization.

As usual, President Rayna Fritcher did not respond at all. In fact, no one from the club, nor anyone who admitted to being a member, would respond. I decided to wait past my stated deadline, due to the very real possibility that they'd probably need two meetings to get anything done-even if the issue should have remained on their "Old Business" list on all agendas. I can only suppose that my statement about asking for attorney's fees, process fees, postage, and so forth, probably was the deciding factor. After all, it's one thing to win a judgment, and something else entirely to collect. 

Luckily, the Alaska Court system provides a means to collect if necessary. It is a rather complicated process and could have easily stretched things out another six months. It's not cheap to collect here in Alaska, when process server fees can top $100.00, and they stood a very good chance of having these additional costs tacked onto the judgment as well. 

So, while it took them over 180 days to satisfy the judgment, it did arrive:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"It's dead, Jim"

So saith the intrepid Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the starship Enterprise......

And so too, is this blog. 

I enjoyed having a platform to share my views, like hopping onto the soapbox about political or social issues. I've also enjoyed sharing successes and failures, and I've taken advantage of the opportunity to expose serious shortcomings on various topics. If you've read here occasionally, you also know I have a knack for sarcasm, and can employ story telling in amusing ways. 


Enough about that. The reason this blog is dead, is the host (Google's Blogger) is now going to be archiving every blog post, and happily sharing it with TPTB. Since I am probably on several dozen lists, and have probably been singled out by numerous agencies by exercising my right to free speech.....I'm done handing them more ammunition in their war against dissent.

So, for the benefit of whichever agency is collating all this data (DHS, FBI, etc):

I DO NOT CONSENT.  You are doing so in direct violation of the US Constitution. 


But I will not make your job easier by feeding it to you on a silver platter, courtesy of Blogger. 

Those that know me, can find me on Facebook. Su Valley Farm is on there as well :)