Monday, December 21, 2015

Fed up with Alaska Ag

It takes quite a lot for this patient, persistent person to reach the limits of a basic good nature.

I am so fed up with what passes for Ag in this state, I cannot describe fully my disgust, my anger, my outrage.  This latest fiasco concerning Mt. McKinley Meat & Sausage is just the last in a long line of stupidly partisan, behind the scenes bullshit that plagues this state.

When I poke at folks, when I attempt to shine a little public sunshine on very dirty doings, it is for good reason. That plant is *our* asset. It belongs to us all. Whether a bite of Alaskan grown meat ever crosses your lips, is beside the is crucial to Alaskans, and (your) food security.

I do not raise cattle. Or elk. Or yak. Or reindeer. Or pigs. I have no vested interest, other than it matters to me, that Alaskans are able to produce table ready (and stamped by the USDA) meat. I have, for many years, been adamant that Alaskans be given every advantage when it comes to food production of any type. That my friends, the farmer, the rancher, the restaurant owner, and the end consumer can continue to do this, because I am steadfast in my belief that Alaska can, and should, work to feed it's own citizens.

So when I am told, by numerous means, to sit down and shut up, I get upset. When I am told, you cannot mention this; because that information is private, that I cannot speak of the many behind the scenes factions work for and against this plant......well, there is right. And there is wrong.

Quashing speech, quashing rumor, quashing discussion leaves us all right where we are. How do you think the plant ended up where it is today? By the same players saying the same shit, year after year.

Shh! Don't make waves! Sit down, be quiet, no one needs to know! You have no relevance to any of it because you weren't born into a Colony family (or married to one), you didn't arrive before statehood, you don't know these people and how they retaliate!  

Oh. My. Gosh. Really?  This is how the problems surrounding the plant are going to be resolved? By back room agreements, handshakes, and intimidation? Or worse, a continuing status quo?

Pfft on that, I say!

As is oft quoted: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Never more bitterly true than the varied players and beneficiaries of nepotism in Alaska Ag!