Friday, January 29, 2010

The big P begins :)

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of the "Big Plant", or, as I think of it: It's time to smell dirt!

My seed orders arrived in good time, and I have spent a couple hours figuring out what to start when, and how much. I only made two small goofs-I accidentally ordered a quarter pound of one seed (yikes!!) and not enough of another. A friend was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to add items to their own plastics order, and I need to pick up that this weekend also. This will be a very nice savings over the local retail prices on cell packs and small pots-I'm thrilled!

In the morning, I will root around in the greenhouse and locate a number of trays. I need to start about two dozen flats, but only have room in the one grow rack for 16. The rest will come to work-these will be grown on for someone who specifically requested them.

In February, more things get started but the truly big plant is in March, and every ten days thereafter. My last plant date is going to be about the first week of May or which time I should be organizing my own greenhouse for moving in.

I've also been gathering information about building another, larger greenhouse to expand my "veggie starts" enterprise. It's going slow, as I am still gathering quotes on various aspects and as soon as I have some of this together I will be working on a formal business plan.

In other news, our family grew by one yesterday. Brennan Josiah joined the extended family at about 4pm yesterday. Baby is very healthy, 6lbs, 12ozs and mom is going great also. My youngest niece could also give birth at any time....her due date is about three weeks away but the baby is fully mature :) Another boy to welcome into the world-I am delighted!

The big dog is doing great, and little Jethro still goes everywhere with me. Although, my car now reeks of "dog" and until it warms up enough to seriously clean it out, I am resorting to air fresheners, lol The cats are fat and bored and yowling to be let outside, and my chickies? My wonderful chickies gave me a whopping 23 eggs in ten days! They are obviously very happy in their winter digs. I credit the super duper custom feed that I get from a good neighbor for their amazing productivity. Still planning on ordering in some baby chicks this spring, to augment the flock. Eventually I will convert over to the other breed, since they are much more cold hardy than my layers now.

In the midst of all these normal events and plans, I am watching with dismay and concern what is happening in Washington DC. So far, Alaska has escaped the brunt of the depression to come-but it will surely arrive if the cronies in Juneau don't do something to correct the anti-business environment we have here. Please don't forget that they are our "employees" and take five minutes to email them with your concerns-whatever those may be. I have written off Senator Begich, since he is joined at the hip with the Democratic party and votes only the party line-even when it is in direct opposition to Alaskan interests :( Very sad. I will certainly remember when the time comes to chose a senator and I am betting a great many others will too.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The outlook is wonderful

I'm not one to make bold resolutions, outrageous statements, or shout news to the rooftops-but this new year, things are looking pretty wonderful.

The household survived the minefeild of holiday stress relatively intact, and we moved into 2010 without fanfare on our part.

There are a number of things on the 2010 agenda.

My first order of business (after renewing business licensing of course, lol) will be to place my seed order for the coming season. I am having a ball going through the catalogs and websites, and sincerely wish I had tons more space to try all the things I would like to-I mean, come on, who wouldn't like to eat fresh melons right from the vine?

I am also gathering information and nailing down costs for another greenhouse. Yep, I am nuts, possibly certifiable too ;) But, it turns out I am pretty good at this growing thing, and I really really like doing it.

At some point this year, I will be gelding my stallion. He has spent too many years apart from companionship. No one wants to breed to him anyway. So we'll be discussing whether or not to breed the buff and pretty mare I have first, or just go ahead and do the deed. I have had a number of people contact me with the "someday" idea of breeding but the mares have never materialized and I don't expect they will. It's just cruel to keep him seperated from the mare, and is definitely not good for him mentally.

There is always work to do at home too, and that includes a whole bunch of gardening stuff. Like building real flower beds, and expanding the veggie garden and so on and so forth and truthfully-I am done with talking and will make it happen-husband approval and contribution or not ;) The cold frame will go up, the chicken coop located to permanent quarters and gosh darn it, we are going to pretty up the place. So there! (well, you know what I mean, lolol)

The outlook is indeed wonderful, simply because I have the resolve to make the changes I feel needed. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Now, if I can just drop 25 pounds.....;)