Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Long time coming

I keep thinking I should post another entry here on the blog...and instead, I get diverted onto something more pressing :)

It's been one heck of a spring so far!

When I left off, I was just gearing up to start the spring planting. Since then, over a hundred flats have been seeded, germinated, and subsequently delivered. I still have a few flats coming along, and then I will be able to dismantle the growing apparatus in the garage-maybe this weekend.

Inbetween the planting, I went on vacation. Yes, a real vacation! Took my son, and we went to California-we did Sea World, Disneyland, California Adventure Park and Universal Studios. We had an absolutely wonderful time, the weather was wonderful. Joey spent four days with his grandparents-getting to know his cousin Maykayla-and my sister and I scooted over to Vegas for some fun. Boy do I have some stories about Vegas, haha! I think the best part was seeing Terry Fator. If you ever have the opportunity to see his show-do it, you won't regret it. I laughed so much I about lost my voice, heehee

As usual, my sis came home about even or a little ahead, and I came home broke ;) That's okay, I had a ball walking through all those casino's I had only seen on television and movies. I bet I walked 35 or 40 miles on that vacation, easy. Never would have been able to do that, without my MIL's help in locating a shoe store in Riverside called San Antonio Shoes. Expensive but worth every penny when you can walk all day without your feet hurting! My sis took me to several stores she knew about-including Ross Dress for Less. I was a really overwhelmed after shopping our pitiful selections here in the Valley for umpteen years, lol

The food in Vegas is hit or miss. Gone are the super cheap buffets, and we discovered the food is much better in downtown Vegas (where the Fremont Experience and several casino's are located-well off the Strip) and slot machines much nicer. Next time, I think I would rather stay downtown. The Strip was packed with young adults that week, due to spring break and March Madness, it was just crazy full of basketball fans and rowdy folks partying hard and harder-just an amazing place.

Once home I returned the usual spring stuff. Breakup and all, lol Today should be the last day I have eight chicks in the garage-they are six weeks old now and well feathered-my replacement layers are Buff Orpington's which I got as day old chicks from the local hatchery.

The biggest news concerns the greenhouse. We'd been talking about this project for quite a while and heaven knows I have put a lot of effort into the research-but an opportunity presented itself locally....and we now own a new (to us) larger greenhouse! Yes, it had to be taken down and moved but that's done and it lays in piles down below. Adding this structure means we have to move just about everything, no kidding. First, we need to build new raised beds (asap!) and get my garden soils moved. This opens up the area for the wood frame greenhouse-which needs to be emptied and then moved (somehow!) up the hill and onto that flat spot. Once that is done, we can think about the dirt work necessary for the newer greenhouse. The only major thing that will need to be done (besides putting it back up of course) is running the gas line down there. I have plenty of power at the barn to run both houses so that is a plus.

Between the vacation and the new greenhouse and what needs doing, I am going to be pretty broke for a while-but it will all be worth it. I can't wait to get started :)