Sunday, November 20, 2011

Epilog how many?

Since donning the role of reporter for the many machinations of the Alaska Mini Goat Cache, those of you who have followed along with this saga have no doubt been amused, appalled, offended, and affronted as I related the events over time.

I do appreciate the emails and phone calls in support, I truly do. At this point, I'll say that the $20 or $25 paid to the group, has provided endless hours of entertainment...but some sagas continue to have epilogs and thus, my post today.

 It came to my attention that the Alaska Mini Goat Cache published a newsletter. This is only notable for the whining "woe is us" tone and outrageously erroneous statements made by the officers in charge. However, one item of note is that they have established a checking account or some sort of "relation" with their credit union (the same credit union they blamed in court for breaking fiduciary trust, mind you) Well, you'd think they would get their business affairs in order, now that they are having meetings. So far, all they have managed to do is send more expulsion letters out.

Yep, a handful (that I know about) of carbon copy form letters were received last week by individuals who joined in January. "You have been found in violation of blah blah blah by a two thirds vote of the board...." and so on. Looks like they found the missing files for the club, yes? And all the applications that were handed over to then-president Laura Manary at the beginning of that January meeting where the polling took place that no one saw.....are now used to identify and expel people who might have otherwise been wonderful assets of that club. You know, like the doctor? The executive? The breeders? The people who actually show and market their goats?

 Naturally I found this sadly amusing, and on a whim, I checked the status of the small claims suit. On the dockets, I discovered that the judgment which was mailed from the court, to the club, was returned. Evidently their mailing address is in error. Like just about everything else they've done since December of last year. Sigh. Of course, just because you don't have a copy, doesn't mean the judgement is not valid, Alaska Mini Goat Cache.

 They had another meeting last weekend, and according to one snippet I read, there were not enough officers to conduct a meeting, never mind that no one showed up but two of them. Nope, no members at all. Oh woe is the Alaska Mini Goat Cache, persevering in the face of adversity from all the meanies in the world-and all that crap. Not!

 I mean really, how do you know if you are a member, or not? They've had just one meeting since January. They have "opened" nominations for next years' officer positions and I'm pretty sure the same crew will be "re-elected" since no has any idea what is going on or whether they are a member. And if you have paid your dues, you can be booted at any time for no reason at all. And they'll keep your money too. Look what happened to everyone who attended the January meeting....nearly all expelled now.

Look what happened to me, Suz, Margie, and Rachel. The "board" decided they didn't want us in their public club and expelled us the same day we paid. And except for myself (and Margie who wrote the letter) no one has gotten their money back. And I had to sue them to get it, lol

 That's about as neat a scam on the public as I've had the misfortune to witness. Seriously. What a way to build the bank take someone's money, then expel them, then say the bylaws don't allow the return of that money.

 Something to think about if you have any thoughts in your head about joining, or renewing your membership in that private club. Or, you could join a truly friendly club, one that does not hide behind closed doors and make unilateral decisions that go against member wishes. You could join a club where there are no officers, where everyone has an equal voice, where any interaction qualifies as a "meeting" and everyone-and I do mean everyone, is welcome.

 Yep, that includes Heather Fair, Laura Manary, Rayna Fritcher, Tisa Witham and crew.

 The Alaska Goat Association is an open and transparent group. We welcome anyone who has an interest, no matter who you are :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy couple of weeks

Here we are, firmly into the "winter season" already. My gosh, how did that happen? So much has gone on over the past three weeks, I am not sure where to start, lol

Let's see, old business. The Alaska Mini Goat Cache advertised a meeting back in late October. Now they are having another one this coming weekend. Oh, and it's only for "members in good standing". Ahem. Insert rolling eyeballs at the discrimination with me, will you? Because we all know, that a member in good standing, is whoever Heather Fair and Rayna Fritcher decide passes their personal sniff test. Which would not be the dozen plus people who joined back in January (remember your own ByLaws, gals) and who have not been acknowledged. And likely won't be. They aren't out of the woods yet, on what they've done. In fact, they can't seem to get their cornflakes in a pile and do the simple, expedient thing: Take some of that cash that Heather Fair testified she had on hand, and open a new checking account. Then, move that PayPal cash (which Heather Fair also testified she had access to) right into that new account. A half dozen counter checks and voila'! They're in business, woot woot and happy dance and all that crap. Since I have not gotten my judgement yet, I presume that they have not managed to figure this out as yet. When they can finally return my money, I will be happy to be done with them for good.

Of course, I just have to say: They could have avoided all the unpleasantness if they had simply had a meeting, and allowed me to speak-I would have quietly and nicely asked for a return, since I was booted the same day I joined.

Other old business arose last week on Facebook too. Good lord, what a cesspool that place can be-but thankfully, FB provides tools to make life smoother and less stressful. Last week I got a notice from a friend, that said that there was an ad on Craigslist for my horse. Um, what? I checked, and sure enough, there is an ad for the mare that I had leased out to a "friend" and the friends' daughter. I posted a notice that the lessee did not have permission to sell the mare, and then put the two notices up on my wall on FB.

Oh. My. God. 120 heated posts later, here is the result: The daughter has a formal bill of sale. I've blocked them both from my FB experience due to the nature of their comments and one creditable threat I got via PM. And I'm done with the scheming and conniving and gossiping that surround this woman. It took this to have me step back and really think about all I'd heard about the horse community.....easily 90 percent of the negative things I'd heard, originated from this one person.....90 percent! And of course you know she is the "go to" gal when you want or need something from the horse community here.....yikes! All of that negativity was carefully couched in psychobabble worthy of the best talk show circuit hacks-no kidding. So all the financial troubles, bad horse deals, marital problems, drug use, criminal history and so on, that I heard....well, I am happy not to be burdened with it any longer.

And of course, this caused a few people to venture out of the wood work too, and tell me a few of the rumors going around about me. And my horse. And my marriage. And so on. Oh. My. God. She'd probably pop an aneurysm if she realized that she is no better than one other notable she detests. So here is the stupid part: It could have been avoided. All they needed to do was take it to PM or email. Just that easy. And no I won't remove it from my wall, because if people really want to look they can find out just how nasty they both's all there in print. And not only that, they had the use of the horse for two years. Neither one ever asked for a bill of sale. Which I find absolutely hilarious in the context of her self described "expert witness" for the courts....surely she, with her many hundreds of horse sales and deals, would know the consequences of selling something you don't own?

So, we had our first "big snow". Which amounted to nearly a foot at home, and about seven inches at work. I discovered that the guy plowing last year, decided not to do it this year-but did find another company on short notice. They did an excellent job and I'm happy to have that resolved for the season. Work continues on the building next door, which is much larger than my work shop. Now, we can't be seen from the intersection, darn it. I have no idea how all the additional traffic is going to work out-it's a gymnastics place.

Also over the past two weeks, we welcomed a new addition to the family-Zayden, born to my niece Amber and her hub Chris. Congrats you two! And now I am wondering if our family is ever going to have any girls, lol There's my Joey, then Noah and Corbin, and then Landon and Zayden. I am thinking Amber and Chris will have one more, so we might be lucky there. My nephew Rick has a boy as well, isn't that odd?