Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alaska Ag....Digging for truth

This blog was recently linked to a local FB group, where discussion ensued over the content.

The quasi legal disclaimer, once again: This blog is opinion. It is as factual as can be ascertained, and where question arise, the veracity (or lack thereof) of the information relayed is clearly stated.  Consider the content as a sort of citizen journalist's way of disinfecting the slimy underbelly of Alaskan Agriculture.

The string of comments that erupt, expose the schism that exists in Alaska ag, like no other. Some take the questions raised here quite personally, and others just presume the author has some sort of axe to grind...or hates ag...or something else equally nefarious in nature. Naturally, they are unwilling to accept the truth: 

This blog author cares deeply and personally about the future of Alaska agriculture. 

*All* of Alaska agriculture.

Not just the "industry". Not just the row crop folks, the farmer's market growers, the greenhouse producers. Not just the peonies, the pot, the hydro people.....everyone who grows anything at all, to consume or sell. Growing food, forages, or flowers here is a challenge-and everyone who is actively participating recognizes this unavoidable truth. 

Because if it were easy, the state would not be importing 95 to 96% percent of its food from the L48. 

That is a truth that could be changed if the will to change it existed. 

If the State itself (in the guise of the Division of Agriculture) actually worked to change it

If the State itself (Every land management department) actually let people have farm land

If the State itself remedied the farm liability insurance obstacle

If the State itself even had a clear, attainable goal of self sufficiency and sustainability. 

If the State itself even considered agriculture a growing natural resource. 

If the power players of Alaska Ag accepted the young, the newcomer, the outside the box thinker, the innovator, the inventive, the determined and the dedicated into their ranks. 

If this were done, much could be changed and for the better. For all Alaska residents, everywhere. 

And that, readers, is the motivation.

Sadly. it's the getting there that is a nasty, long trek through an incredible amount of corruption, collusion, and complicit actions through an exceedingly complex trail of connections. 


Anonymous said...

The "END" is extremely close for them! That's the bright side of things, the Well is FINALLY Dry in Juneau! For the Good Ole Boys Club! Long Live The Department of Agriculture!

Anonymous said...

^ Don't really understand this comment, but maybe I am not understanding it. As I see it (and I have witnessed it very first-hand and close-up for a couple decades) the corruption is not in juneau, it is in the local Ag office in Palmer. And in Fbks. And, there is no DEPARTMENT of Ag, it is a tiny and poorly over-seen Division of the State DNR. I am sure we all share the hope that agriculture could one day thrive and maintain in Alaska, and many of us work our tails off to that end. But it can't and will not do that under the current administrative structure, due to the managers, staff, and director, and their circle of advisors, in Palmer and Fbks using it as their personal piggy bank, power base and career ladder. It will only be reformed to serve the people of Alaska and not the "Good Ole Boys" Club of AK Ag, when the governor finally realizes he is being snowed and used as a pawn. There will only be legitimacy when the agency is completely gutted, or at least parsed out to the Department of Commerce, UAF, and other agencies that will properly manage it and put an end to the never-ending corruption there.