Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Harvest time!

Today I was able to squeak out a long lunch hour and run over to Pyrah's U Pick. Oh my goodness I love being on that place! Acres and acres of veggies, all kinds. I didn't have time to walk the whole place, I was after green beans. They are fairly close to the corn patch, so just a 100 yards or so away from the weigh and pay booth. I got seven pounds in about 15, 20 minutes. If they hadn't been flagging on the PeeDub and doing the same on the Old Glenn by the NAPA store, I would have had at least twice that length of time to pick, grrr! Not to mention every idiot heading to the Fair is driving a whopping 37 mph......

If you haven't been, it's worth the drive and hiking around the farm. Not sure of acreage, but likely at least a 320. There's about two acres of just bush beans, if you can imagine that. I am glad I waited a week to go pick, I need to go back if at all possible.

I only have 12 quarts of Atomic beans put up so far, aiming for 24 to 30, plus this year I would like to do some regular beans in pint jars for a change.

Sigh. This means another trip to the grocery store for habenero's, serrano's, and jalapeno's. I *knew* I should have just grown the darn things myself, lol At least I have fresh dill up the wazoo!

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suvalley said...

Ah, forgot the most important note:

In Alaska, there is a saying by gardeners:

There are lean years, and there are bean years.

This is a bean year, at long last ;)