Sunday, October 28, 2007

A bag, a peck, a bushel?

Thank to my sister, who scrounged these up from who knows where, I have been spending my precious weekend processing tomatoes.

Yesterday I did up a total of 29 pints: 10 of garlic basil sauce, 10 of a medium salsa, and 9 of a plain, mild salsa.

I am about halfway through what she brought in two totes.

This morning, I have to go through and rearrange my entire pantry area to make space for all these jars I did not anticipate filling. I have not even started on the berries in my freezer yet, lol!

I'll make more sauce, another batch of salsa, and probably make stewed tomatoes out of the rest, into quarts.

I am sure thankful I have the the extra jars, and the know how to put it up!

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