Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A box, with strings

Sometimes I just have to wonder what motivates people.

This morning I sit here, conflicted over information I learned recently. It has to do with horses, of course. No, it isn't anything I saw for myself, but it illustrates perfectly just how varied are the strings and demands of friendships. If I *had* seen it for myself, I wouldn't be sitting here worrying about it, I would have already taken action to remedy the situation-but that's just me.

What type of person would put a "friend" into a box by exacting a promise of confidentiality, then tie it up with strings to keep that friend there?

So now I know about three horses in very serious condition, and two of them are at the "imminent danger" point, the legal standard by which the local enforcement agency could act to seize these horses.

Naturally, I cannot report the situation to anyone, as doing so would "burn" the person who told me about-that person sworn to secrecy. These are the strings by which friendships are bound.

In a twisted bid to play the hero, the "friend of a friend" acted as she is convinced is the best way. She went home, loaded up feed, and returned. She does not have the knowledge to recover horses in such bad condition, but of course believes she does-despite never having actually done it. With just seven years of horse ownership under her belt, she knows everything there is to know about horses. Sigh.

When horses become emaciated, all sorts of physical things happen, things that take time and very careful management to reverse. From the description there is one CS 1, one CS 2, and one CS 2.5 at best. They were staked out "to graze" next to a lake they could not reach, and had eaten everything down to the dirt-including leaves that had blown in.

Sans licensed veterinary care in a clinic, it's a dicey thing, saving horses in that condition.

When does the welfare of the horses outweigh the burden of that friendship?

With some folks, never. With others, it will be every time.

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