Monday, February 11, 2008

Uphill, downhill, what's the difference?

Talk about rocketing between highs and lows, my goodness!

We've had over a week of high pressure weather (clear and cold) coupled with some nasty winds for over a week...wind chills were in the -30 range, or better for some gusts. Ick. Which is why the blankets went on the horses and a warm mash was provided at evening feeding.

Then this morning I wake up to find a couple inches of new snow on the ground. Temp was up to 4 above (yay!) so those blankets need to come off today. One horse was curled up on the snow, she's been having a hard time with her first spring heat. I got her up and she's just fine-full tummy and pining away for old Chubs. Couldn't care less about breakfast (we'd snacked heavily around 9 pm last night due to temp at -7) so I will have my hub check on her first thing at daylight.

Had a rather eventful week with horses, and as soon as I can figure out how to coherently relate the events, I'll post it.


horse snob said...

Woke up to 22 degrees this morning! After a couple weeks of those sub-zero temps it feels like spring. Wooo Hoooo

horse snob said...
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