Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy weekend!

Thanks to the ice, I have been driving to the barn every trip.....which may seem silly but if you could see my driveway, you'd understand! I have one bucket of thawed sand left in the garage and as of right now I am saving it for the house area. I hope to pick up a few bags sometime later today, and leave them at the barn.

Yesterday I managed to get some hay unloaded (yay!) from the van that arrived late on Thursday afternoon. Today I meet my helper over there to get more people loaded up, plus I need to shuffle hay home and over to where Pepper is. Also yesterday I managed to find someone to clean stalls and runs. Oh my goodness, the gal knows how to clean! Yay yay yay! She'll be back later on today to tidy up the runs. I am thrilled, much better than the young boys who don't even have their own transportation that responded. She lives next door to where Chubs is, of all coincidences, lol

This morning I have milk test up at the neighbors, then that's done for a couple of weeks. I really like these folks, hard working couple practising closed farming. All organic of course, which is commendable. I have learned a lot from them both, and I like to think that in some ways I help them too, from time to time. We swap out plants between us every spring, and I envy the gals' talent for gardening greatly....but I sure don't know if I could work a real farm like they have.....dairy goats, cattle, sheep, a couple horses, a very large population of chickens and assorted ducks, and a large kennel of surperior quality ACDs, which she trains and shows. She gives herding lessons also and they hold trials there. Too much work for me, lol But of course I would do it if I wasn't working full time-I would have my own dairy goats and some birds up at the barn for my own fresh eggs too. Ssshh! Don't tell my husband!

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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Me too! This is funny, my latest post is titled the same. Ran my self ragged both days and crashed on the couch by 8:30. I'm gettin' to be an old fart!