Sunday, March 2, 2008

March rolls in....

We've all heard the saying for March: In like a lion, out like a lamb. Supposedly, this applies to weather. I have no idea what March will bring towards the end, but I surely hope it's not more winds. This is also our big snow month (about five years ago, we got 28 inches in 24 hours) but I am hopeful we will dodge that!

Last week, I worked on getting that 25 ton of hay off the shipping van. On Friday and Saturday, the winds were howling across the "PeeDub" (as I call the Palmer Wasilla Highway) and it made any outdoor work was very nasty out, despite some sun. All the hay is offloaded, and I have not only called for pick up of the empty container, but emailed for another shipment. This time of year, quality hay is in short supply and every scrap of local is bought up.....but the fuel surcharges on the vans shipped is outrageous. Sometimes we don't even know for sure the cost until it actually arrives at the port (yeah no kidding!) so this is why I am no longer going to quote hay prices to folks. The last two vans, this has left me no margin at all :( Heck, even the company I work for is going to have a ten percent price increase. I can't wait to see what happens at the grocery store >not!<

Today we are having mostly sunny at my house. The temps are hovering around freezing and if you put your hand out into the sun, you can feel actual heat. Some of the snow is showing the telltale signs of melt also, which makes me smile. And it prompted me to go get the rest of the things I need to start some flats of plants too.

Spring has almost sprung, and I am glad for it :)

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