Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So much for time off!

A few days ago I agreed to help out with a yearly project that I have helped with in the past. So, yesterday afternoon I sat down with the phone and started making sales calls. Not my favorite thing to do, but necessary. I am always astounded at how difficult it is to find people who don't mind hearing "no", lol

But my friend who publishes this Guide, has had one heck of a time finding reliable sales people.....even though her commissions are very generous for the industry. So, when I hear a no, I just thank them for their time, and move on to the next person on the list. I need to average about 20, 25 calls a day to bump up the size of the publication-which I am pretty sure I can do. I think that working where I do, I am just accustomed to working on a higher scale (dollar wise) and therefore the negatives just don't rattle me. You can't land them all and it's not a personal thing if folks chose not to particpate, right?

I set myself a rather lofty goal, so we'll see how I do :)

Later this week I will be helping another friend plant up 1000s of plant starts, simply because she needs the help. In exchange, I get to plant up my own baskets (woohoo!) and leave them in her greenhouse to get a real jump start on the season, yay! I am also planning on growing a sizeable number of veggie starts for her too, which she does not have room to start herself. Last year I brought over my extras and they did all sell very well. This year, there are two less largish commercial greenhouses so I am hopeful for my friends' success this season.

I know I only started things a few days ago, but I am hopeful I will have my first germinated flats in about two more days.....yippee!

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