Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring snow!

Much to our bemusement, it began snowing yesterday afternoon. I won't complain, this should be about the last hurrah on the winter type weather. I do find it funny that my hub had just two hours before, pressed me to change out the studded tires on my car for the summer tread. Umm, not! LOL, there is still ice out our way, I think I will wait another week or two!

Also over the weekend, I got my own baskets planted and hung in the big greenhouse. And yesterday I got ten more flats of stuff started for my friend. Today, I carefully count out seeds and get them germinating here at work. Then I have to figure where in heck I am going to try starting another 20 flats of various stuff-as I have run out of room at home.....this is going to take some creative thinking!

On the horse end, I may have nailed down a couple tons of clean, good local grass (yay!) and I am still waiting for the container to show up with the imported......but on a positive note, the forklift here at work is repaired!

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