Friday, March 7, 2008

Things are starting to happen :)

Being fortunate to have a week or so off, I have managed to get some things done.

Foremost, the growing area between the garage and house is now set up. The seed starter rack is up and working with flats under lights. The two tall saw horses are moved in, with some lengths of old countertop placed on for more flats. The track light system has been checked and it's working just fine. Later today, I need to get more cell packs, as I have agreed to grow on a whole bunch of stuff for a friend. I do have to say, the smell of wet ProMix makes me smile! I am not quite sure how many flats I will be doing, but this year I will be able to shuffle them over to the commerical greenhouse as soon as they are up-which will give me more space for new starts. I trade most of these out for goodies for my own garden, shrubs, trees, etc.

We've figured out what area we want to clear this year, and it's quite a bit bigger than I thought it would work out to be. If the snow keeps melting like it has been we can think about taking trees down starting next week. We've also discusssed moving the small garden and the greenhouse into the new spot......but it will stay where it is for this year I think. Actually, this gives me the chance to lobby for a new, bigger greenhouse with some sort of heat source :)

I went ahead and stocked up on some concentrates, and need to work on organizing the barn a bit better as it's surely a jumbled up mess right now. I emailed for another van load of hay also, and this time I cannot quote the cost up front-due to whats happening with the fuel prices. But as usual we Alaskans are going to take it in the shorts, sigh....

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