Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slowly moving along here......

Chores and projects are slowly progressing here. A few things we planned to have done "sometime" over the summer are already completed, like bucking up the pile of logs left from the land clearing. We are still debating what to do about winter hay storage, that has been a thorn here since day one. With all the bays in the barn being used, I only have about five pallets' worth of storage-not nearly enough for the several hundred bales of local grass I hope to have on hand going into winter. After losing three storage tents in a row, we won't do that again :)

The garden is growing, sorta. A little concerned about my zucchini, which is very slow to take off. It too, is not doing well in our cool, cloudy summer. Last night when I got home, I was tickled to discover that more peas have cropped up, and beans too! Not all of them, but maybe 20 percent. If we ever get that couple days of sun that we keep getting promised, the rest will come up too. I can see I will be spending quite a bit of time weeding this coming weekend, because if nothing else, an Alaskan garden always grows a good crop of crabgrass!

The chickens have settled in very well. They are out every morning, scratching through the manure (yay! no manure flies!) and wandering around. We are giving them small amounts of kitchen trimmings and they get right after it with gusto. So far *knocks on wood* they are staying off the garden. They do not seem to care for walking on the plastic sheeting. I have been trying to convince my husband that they really need a place to roost. He, of course, has no idea how important this is. I, of course, have been in a number of coops and understand the necessity. I would much rather have them on a wooden dowel or broom handle, than on the hay ;)

Still having issues with my camera.....I think somehow a setting has been changed (thanks to my inquisitive son) and now it wants to record short video instead of pictures! Off to attempt to get the instructions downloaded-again!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Don't feel bad - I just got my garden in. We had frost the week after labor day, so all the folks that got theirs in had to go back to the stores to buy new plants and wiped the stores clean. I had a heckuva time finding 'maters. I used to start all my stuff from seed, but with the new place and all the construction, there's just no time.

Say, is this your first poke at chickens? I've been wanting them, but can't make up my mind to do it or not.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Hey, I'm a dumass - I meant memorial day, but you knew that.