Thursday, June 12, 2008


A very brief recount of where we are in this:

Wingnut continues to improve! We have been turning her out into the arena, where she playfully exercises herself for at least 20 minutes ;) And yeehaw, I forgot how much ground she can cover, wow can she move out! After she blows off steam, we just allow her to meander at will, and I don't plan on asking her to really "work" until next week. The newly deposited fat is very gradually beginning to disappear-it doesn't get turned into muscle of course, it's replaced with muscle. She's looking pretty good but I can tell I need to bump her nutrition ever so slightly to compensate for the additional activity. It is rather a balancing act, because I do not need to have her "pinging off the fences" with excess energy, either :) Her coat is wonderful but she still pins her ears flat at feeding time-I have a hunch this is probably not going to go away. Many horses who have been starved exhibit similar (or worse) behaviors.

As of next week, I would say she is ready to start work. To that end, I convinced the gravely ill owner to consider a "half lease" and sent out an email about her. I am hoping someone with experience will jump on the chance to ride a horse without the big purchase price or big boarding fee. After all, she was well started professionally last year and only needs a short "tune up" to hit the trails. I really do think that whoever takes a chance on this young mare, is going to be pleasantly surprised. She's personable, smart and willing, young, healthy and sound. Keep your fingers crossed, because this mare desperately needs more attention than she is getting now.

As for is court day. She is apparantly fighting the citation regarding Wingnut. The Boro attorney was delighted to talk to me earlier today, and discover that I do, indeed, have some credentials and have knowledge regarding recovery care. Let's just hope that the judge listens to the evidence, and not just give her the proverbial "slap on the wrist" for her actions. Of course it could be sent to jury trial-I will know more later on tonight. I am curious to actually see Ms Belardi as I have no idea what she looks like. Won't she be surprised to discover that there was nothing wrong with the horse?

Stay tuned for more news :)


suvalley said...

Well the whole thing was a bust, for the most part.

There some time spent straightening out the charges, as there were three citations written.

Quite smugly she asked for a jury trial, and got the okay for that. Trial call date is July 17th, but I highly doubt anything will go forward much before August or September since she qualifies for a public defender who will no doubt delay things considerably. Bah humbug! The judge did not allow her to skate on one charge though, since she has known about the court date for months and did nothing to get her "expert" witness there.

I wonder if she knows bouncy, poorly highlighted hair is no excuse for starving an animal in your care?

Lori said...

Bah humbug is right. Maybe we could make jury selection? Ha!

suvalley said...

For anyone who has been following this, here is the url to the one court case that was decided last night:

Sorry to say, you will have to cut and paste the above to your browser, as I have not figured out "tinyurl" as yet ;)

A little snooping aorund on CourtView shows that Mz Belardi is quite familiar with the legal system >insert sarcasm<