Sunday, July 20, 2008

A part of me is lost

This Sunday morning, I am depsondent and weepy.

Friday evening I got home a little bit early, which was a nice treat. As usual, I went to the barn first to check on everyone and hand out scrtchies and pats. Even though it was a little early, I went ahead and fed out some hay, and then decided to check on the greenhouse.

As Joey and I headed down the small hill, I left Jethro at the barn-contentedly standing amongst the chickens.

That's the last time I have seen my dog.

I have been searching nonstop since, and my heart is broken. My poor little Jethro, a rescue I got nearly starved to death who has been at my side for almost two years. He has always been at my feet, or within 15 feet, every single day. He is unsure and frightens easily (obviously haven been beaten severely) and loud noises scare him badly. He doesn't generally approach strangers but will gleefully play with dogs, any dog. I have been scouring the local neighborhood, and yesterday I printed up some flyers and got them on power poles.

A good friend brought over a photo she had of him late yesterday, which I have made into yet another flyer, and I have 50 copies printed so far. I have called the two local AC offices and left a report, put ads up on Craigslist. I have been going over in my mind what could possibly have happened, and this is all I can conclude:

He got spooked by something (although I don't recall any loud noises??) and took off out our driveway. (There is a dog he loves to play with at the end of the street) From there, he kept going, possibly hooking up with a solid black "fluffy" dog on Sunset (did not learn about this until too late). I have a hunch he kept playing, and when that dog eventually went home, he went along. And they kept him.

I have scoured the ditches via four wheeler, driven every road within about a mile and a half, and he is nowhere to be seen. Since I know he is not a big traveler by nature, I am pretty sure he is somewhere with children and another dog.

The alternative does not bear thinking about.


Original L said...

Praying that you find him safe and sound soon.

suvalley said...

I have a confirmed sighting of him, yesterday morning, in a subdivision not too far away.

Lots of houses, lots of dogs and children, I spent all day yesterday on the wheeler, searching. Put up about 60+ flyers too, and handed them out to whoever would talk to us. Notified the two AC agencies, spoke to everyone I could, ads on CL, etc.

I am just heart sick, my poor little guy *sniff*