Thursday, July 24, 2008

The search goes on

Here it is Thursday morning already. I still am lost without my buddy Jethro.

Still looking, of course.

Not for lack of trying though. Here's what I have done so far:

About 75 or a 100 color flyers put up around the area: Stop signs, power poles, mailbox stands. Post offices, espresso stands, convenience stores. Local restaurants, feed stores, veterinary clinics and PetZoo. Flyers at both local animal control agencies, and listed on the Anchorage one as well. Ads up on Craigslist in both pets and lost/found, local Valley paper-and getting one into Anchorage Daily News somehow today.

Between myself and my wonderful husband, we have put about 25 or 30 miles on the four wheeler, searching all the nearby trails-and way more than that on my car as my son and I drove the subdivision roads-stopping to talk to anyone who would give us a minute and take a flyer. I have been mostly concentrating on the immediate area, since I have two reports of Jethro being in the company of another dog-medium sized, dark (black??) and "fluffy, maybe long haired"

The first report is rather fuzzy-just someone who said she saw "a small black and white dog playing with another fluffy long haired black dog at the end of my driveway" sometime in the "afternoon" on Friday the 18th. Jethro took off about 5pm so that is a possible since the location is only two blocks away. No concrete time, the lady does not wear a watch.

The second report is much better-positively identified (YAY!!) on Sunday morning between 9:30 and 10 am, in a backyard which abuts a recently cleared powerline. I missed him by TWO HOURS on Sunday *sniff* He was in the company of another dog-again, black and fluffy, medium sized-not a giant of a dog like a Newfy. On that Sunday we dashed home and hopped on the four wheeler, spending at least five hours working the area with no results.

The third "sighting" is a response I got from my CL ad. The woman says she saw a tri colored sheltie on Monday.....but the location is totally way far away-up Lucille at Crestwood. This area is just northeast of downtown Wasilla proper, and is easily 10 miles away from home. Now, since my area had a bunch of garage sales on the weekend, it's possible he was picked up and taken somewhere else.

I hope so. In the adjoining subdivisions nearby, there really aren't any loose dogs. Unlike my own neighborhood with larger parcels and folks letting the dogs roam (for the most part) on their own lands. But I have spoken to ALL immediate neighbors and everyone knows everyone elses' dogs and where they belong.

I am hoping my efforts pay off. It was really difficult to go to MSBACR yesterday, and walk through the kennels-and not find him there. Even though I know they are good about checking the lost dog book-I was hopeful. Sigh.

The only concrete thing I did was try to correct them about a dog they have identifed as a Apfenpinscher (OK I know that is wrong, sorry!!) mix which is really a Border Terrier-I should know, I bred them years ago. But they are convinced they have the dog's breed correct and won't listen to me. I feel so badly for the folks looking for a Border Terrier mix!

As the rain continues, I see fresh snow on the mountains now that the clouds have lifted a bit. 46 degrees at my house this morning and I hope my little Jethro is safe and sound inside someone's home :(


Lori said...

Hope Jethro is safe and sound cozied up in someones home.
Saying prayers he will be found.

CTG Ponies said...

Sending (((hugs))) your way and keeping my fingers crossed!

Original L said...

Oh man, very sorry to hear about this. I hope he is found this weekend!