Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little of this, a little of that.....

Well, despite my gloomy expectations, I have managed to get two vans of hay ordered. One is on the ground being unloaded this week, the other set to ship the 13th I think it is, arrival the end of the month. I have begun taking deposits on a third van and we'll see just how many we need after that. Most people are having doubts about buying hay for their horses or goats at these prices...all I can tell them is, me too! It's hard, but it's better than nothing and the quality surpasses the feed stores easily. Several folks buy from me because our local feed store either cannot or will not order in orchard grass for them.

The situation with Wingnut is in the air again....the wonderful, capable person who wishes to lease her, may end up on furlough from her employer. So the whole deal is on hold this month for sure. Poor Wingnut. As much as I may like her antics and her character, I cannot afford to have her taking up a stall that is income producing all winter long. If the deal does not work out, I will be asking the owners to find another place for her to board....a somewhat risky proposition given what happened to her over last winter-gads! The owner has been out to see her once in three months, something of a record if that tells you anything. Feed, worming and hoof care is out of my own pocket. And of course I'm the one you will find grooming when I can't stand to see the dreadlocks in her mane, and scrubbing off the manure stains on her sides too. Too bad this sweet natured horse can't seem to find the right person to care about her.

No word whatsoever on my little Jethro. It's as if he has vanished into thin air. I can only conclude that someone either snatched him, or decided to keep him (if he showed up at their home) because a) he's very very cute and small, b) he's great with kids, dogs and house cats, and c) he's housebroken. I console myself with this thought, even though I visit the local AC office three times a week, and repeatedly check petfinder, Craigslist, and etc many times a day. My son still asks if I have found Jethro every night-and it's painful to see his face crumple every night when I must tell him no, no sign of him :( I had a real hard morning this past weekend when I had no Jethro jumping and spinning at my side, biting for gloves as I headed to the barn for chores. Jethro, wherever you are, I hope you are safe, warm, and fed, and that no one has risen a hand to strike you in anger or fear.

Something really, seriously stinky is brewing within our little horse community and when it blows, it's going to be pretty bad. Of course, at this point I cannot relate much, but when I can, it will get top billing here for sure. It will definitely make the local groups, and who knows, maybe even the local paper as well.

Other than that, the garden is limping along slowly. We've been eating lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini for a while now, and I still have tons of (green!) tomatoes in the greenhouse. If we could just stitch together about a week of sun, things would really set like the beans and peas. I even have some very tiny, baby pumpkins which surprised me-they like the heat! The average high temperature for last month was only 61 degrees, just dismal for a lot of production that is not inside a heated greenhouse. I have read some newbie gardeners here who think this is all just great (ha!) but honestly, folks that have been doing this for a while know the yeilds are way down and at least three weeks behind normal. This is true even for the berries, wild and cultivated. I have rock hard green raspberries on my new canes....most years, I would already have several pickings by now.

And so it goes, two horses move out, two more move in and they are settling in nicely. Most horses take to my place fairly quietly and seem at ease quickly. This last two, there was hardly a whinny let out by anyone-just acceptance which I thought was pretty wonderful. My own horse was more concerned about the trailer, than what was in it, haha Not quite sure what he thought should back off that trailer but as soon as it left, not a peep out of him, silly boy.

School starts in less than two weeks, and everyone is remarking-where did summer go? Heck, as far as I can tell, it never showed up!


The1CowgirlsEnvy said...

Goodness I am on my toes about what is about to boil over. It wouldn't happen to have anything to deal with the bull shit I had to deal with not to long ago does it?

Oh do tell, it's not fair to give us a tid bit and then leave us hanging!

suvalley said...

Alas, I must disappoint ;)

I cannot say, one way or the other!

Soon, though, soon!