Friday, August 29, 2008

An historic day for Alaska

Today, Senator John McCain announced his choice for the Republican ticket:

Our very own Governor Sarah Palin.

Will her acceptance prove a help, or a hindrance? Will the party weather the storm sure to follow as they pick through Troopergate and Branchflowers' investigation? Will they even mention what happened with Randy Ruedrich? The Alask Oil & Gas Commission?

That remains to be seen, I am enjoying listening to talk radio, and hearing people spout off about Gov. Palin and McCain's motivations for chosing her. No one knows very much about her on the national level, and her chops are going to be picked over something fierce. And that is how it should be.

I personally think it was an astute choice for the ticket, based upon her conservative values-never mind what she has done with AGIA and ACES, the leases at Pt Thomson, and etc.

Interesting times ahead for Alaska, that's for sure. And even if nothing comes of it in the end, I am still proud an ALASKAN was chosen.


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I'm not the only one here in the L48 saying "Sarah Who?"

Lori said...

Talk about blowing your socks off!
Absolutely amazing!
I'm still in shock.
How did she do that?
Go, Sarah!!!

suvalley said...

I swear, all I have been doing since the announcement, is attempting to straighten people out about who and what Sarah Palin is. My gosh the idiotic statements made with assurance (usually from that dailykos) are just beyond belief.

What absolutely stuns me though, is the number of *women* who think she is not suited because of the size of her family.

Really, it just boggles the mind!