Monday, June 30, 2014

The ADD nation

Today, whilst most folks are distracted with the Supreme Court rulings on the Hobby Lobby case and the others.....something wicked this way comes:{%22704920846222502%22%3A767948176561524}&action_type_map={%22704920846222502%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

I realize the topic is distasteful and the images revolting and nauseating, but you should be paying attention.

ISIS will now demand that ALL muslims submit to the new Caliphate.  Don't forget to check out the five year expansion plan they have on the link above too. And, while you're at it, recall that the Golan Heights have already fallen to ISIS.

Do not be deceived, this is coming to America. There are despicable, horrific acts being performed in the name of Allah, today. Including the crucifixion of the nine people described above.

Crucifixion.  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few voices, a few lights

and a few brave souls are sounding the alarm. 

There are a few on FOXNews, mostly military types, and a couple notable public figures such as Allen West and Mike Savage, and it is mentioned elsewhere-you just have to hunt for the comments. They show up on my Facebook newsfeed, commentary, memes, jokes, partisan rants and so forth.

A few days ago, this showed up on my newsfeed:

Yes, I realize it's an older tweet, but the man moved to delete it (reportedly) and in response, the astute Allen West had this to say about it:

In  his comments, Mr. West ably describes how what is normally seen as inflammatory rhetoric, or an outrageous fabrication, gets floated to the public, then repeated and eventually becomes accepted fact.  This is a very dangerous thing, particularly when it comes to policy positions. (See any of the White House lies about any of their many scandals-how their "talking points" became quoted as factual by the complicit media, and subsequently assumed to be so by the American public)

In exercising my first Amendment right, I will state right here and now, that you will see a stronger push towards acceptance of radical Islam, across all state and federal bureaus, and that it will be sold to you as tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism. That you must be more open to other religions, yet say nothing offensive in response. That islam will be pushed as a "religion of peace" by our leaders, and quickly the religious leaders will join in the chorus. This is how terrorists get labeled "insurgents" or "resistance fighters" and then "freedom fighters" and eventually "factions" and it's no wonder no one can keep American foreign policy's a corkscrew of misconstrued facts, outright lies, and fumbling policy blunders.

It will be mass brainwashing at its finest.  It's already happened, did you know? In the biggest, in your face manner: When the Ft Hood massacre, by a jihadist *in our own uniform* (!!!) was called "work place violence".  The White House, the spokeperson, the main stream media reporters, all calling it work place violence. Since when is a lunatic murdering people, shouting Allahu Akbar, not qualify as terrorism?  Or, if that doesn't suit, how about the Boston bombing pair? On the watch list, supposedly under surveillance by DHS and assorted other agencies. And yet, and yet, they could not be tracked nor found, with all the might of the metadata collected by electronic spying by our own government. Nope, they had to lock down the city, put LE and military on the street-and the good people of Boston rolled right over and complied.  The Boston Marathon Bombing was quickly enough replaced by other scandals plaguing this administration....there is always another one, isn't there?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anyone do their homework?


I can think of several attacks that made the news. The World Trade Center-twice. Remember, back in 1989, the bombing? I bet you forgot. And of course, the date forever etched in our collective conscious. And there's the Ft Hood "work place violence". And the Boston bombing. And I bet that's about all you can bring to mind, isn't it?

I found a page with summaries of such attacks on American soil, and it will leave you stupefied and wondering why you never heard about most of them.

A two second search via Google returns this result:

There's even a Wiki page dedicated to the subject, but I also found this:

There are many pages dedicated to tracking this across the web. If you expand your search to worldwide, the numbers jump into the thousands. Many thousands. And many hundreds of people are attempting......with very poor results, mind sound the alarm about Islam and jihad.  Writers, bloggers, even reporters, and so on.

Unfortunately, none of them have political clout, or media gravitas, or a wide, Christian audience. For all the hundreds of Christians killed, tortured, churches burned and sacked-which is happening now, today across the world, there is only silence from our Christians leaders, Catholics, Jews.

Where are the pastors and the priests and the rabbis?  Where are the learned of every religion? Where is the voice raised in protest? Have we traded away our good, for the dangerous ideal of "tolerance"? Because make no mistake about it, this fight has been going on about as long as we have had a history, and America is just another territory to seize.

Of particular concern, is the rapid rise and expansion of ISIS. Do not be fooled by the acronym, the reality of their violence and brutality I will not try to describe on this page-because it sickens, it terrifies me. And their interpretation of Sharia should leave every single woman shaken and fearful. And we don't need to list all the kidnappings and beheadings, do we? I could post video links showing these actual events-sure to turn the stomach of all. Or I could post graphics (attributed to ISIS by reputable sources) showing their planned expansion...and expand it will. When even the hard line Islamists wail (privately) about the atrocities of ISIS, you *know* it's worse than feared, never mind thought.

Think of ISIS as the super extreme arm of Islamic might. Not publicly condoned, but not publicly censured either.  And that is a very important distinction to make.

Will the leaders of the Western world stand up to the coming tide?

Alas, no.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jihad in America?

I've pretty much let this blog lapse lately, haven't I?

I would like to say it's because I've been put on the dreaded watch list. Or I'm too busy to share my thoughts. Or I'm too overwhelmed with life events to comment on them. Or any number of seemingly reasonable excuses.

The truth is, it's none of those.

It boils down to fear.

Fear of being on that watch list, for one. Yes, legitimate concern, considering the scope of the people in the NSA juggernaut of metadata collection. Folks that know me on FB, are well aware of my conservative leanings, just based on what I share. I haven't been quiet about my take on the current administration, either. (Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this blog too!)

Fear of the coming days is always on my shoulders. Too many things to remember, too many to list, but as it has been for quite a while: I fear most the coming Caliphate.  Yes, our system is about to crash (and hard, but we'll get through it-our ancestors did, remember?) and yes, we have attacks to face and recover from (we're not a nation of peace, our very beginnings prove this) and so on. Even the personal challenges will become history soon enough and hopefully I'll learn from those and move forward in a manner that prevents their recurrence. It's been one heckuva year, that's for sure, but we're almost past the hard part and I'm optimistic about the immediate future again for my family.

But further down the road?  America is about to become just another battleground of jihad.

And no, I am not joking, I am not suffering from tin foil that is too tight, or delusional from any number of conspiracy theories (which replicate and expand like a never ending creep show of irrational thought gone wild)  or privy to some news that has not been dissected, reviewed, edited, sanitized or trivialized by other media. Nope, not joking one bit.  The truth is everywhere, and available to anyone who reads this online. You can find the information and make the connections just as easily as I have done, but I'll give you a few hints and clues to get started.  If you care. If you don't, your children and grandchildren surely will.

For well over 2000 years, Christianity has been at war with Islam. And in fact, think about this little tidbit from history......the Middle East used to be Christian. Rome to Constantinople to Jerusalem and beyond to Egypt-Christian. As kingdoms rose and then fell to the sword, the region became what we modern folks call "Islamic", and all subjects dhimmi (and much much worse) and even going as far back as the fall of the Roman empire, it was jihad. Not Germanic tribes as we have been taught, but the followers of Allah, of Muhammad. From Turkey to the Iberian peninsula, many bloody battles were fought and in the end, Christianity lost.  For millennia, the followers of Muhammad have expanded their jihad against us: the Kafirs. Every century, every decade, more conflict, more blood letting, more jihad.

(For an educational video on this, please feel free to look up Dr Bill Warner on YouTube, specifically this one:  There are many others available online, all you need to do is look for them.

So now you're thinking, what the heck is she smoking here, right? And what's that got to do with America anyhow?

Put on your thinking caps: How many attacks have taken place on American soil, perpetrated by the followers of Muhammad?