Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alaska Ag.....Make that, AlaskaGroan

A reader supplied the tidbit that the DOA had updated its Facebook page for the AlaskaGrown program.   At first glance, nothing appeared to have changed, but after poking around a bit (and a hint from aforementioned reader) this was discovered:

(A copy and paste of the Note uploaded 7-10-17)

Alaska Grown FACEBOOK TERMS OF USE - https://www.facebook.com/dnr.alaska...
This is the official Facebook page of Alaska Grown and is managed by the State of Alaska, Division of Agriculture. This page was created to provide people who have any interest in the work of the Alaska Grown program, the ability to communicate with and access information about Alaska Grown and the Alaska Division of Agriculture. This page is monitored and managed by the Alaska Division of Agriculture. Comments posted by others on the Alaska Grown Facebook page are not necessarily the opinion of the Division or the State of Alaska, nor does the Division of Agriculture endorse any third-party comments on this page.
The Division of Agriculture welcomes a person's right to express his/her opinion and encourages commenters to keep posts civil and related to content on this page. Either posting on or “liking” this page constitutes an acceptance of the terms below. Please review these terms before posting:
• Alaska Grown reserves all rights to remove and/or block any posts or any commenter/friend at the Division of Agriculture’s discretion.
• Alaska Grown shall particularly remove and/or block any post or any commenter/friend for inappropriate or offensive comments/posts, including, but not limited to material which: 1. defames, abuses, harasses, stalks, threatens or violates the legal rights of others,
2. suggests racism, hatred, slander, obscenity, violence, vulgarity,
3. includes any personal information about another person which may violates one’s privacy interests,
4. includes copyrighted material belonging to another person,
5. contains links to websites which the Division of Agriculture deems inappropriate or offensive,
6. ALL spam or advertisements.
The acceptance of a friend invite between Alaska Grown members and a citizen does not indicate endorsement of that person's actions or comments. Following approval of the Division of Agriculture, others may be allowed to post photos or videos on Alaska Grown’s page. If you have photos or videos you'd like to share on this page, contact Alaska Grown at dnr.alaskagrown@alaska.gov and provide evidence of your copyright ownership or license from the owner.
All postings to this page become the property of the Alaska Division of Agriculture and are subject to all applicable federal and state law. This includes, but is not limited to, any applicable federal and state criminal and intellectual property laws.


Anonymous said...

What Country do we live in? This is getting completely out of control! Never seen anything so crazy in my entire life, wonder how long it will take one of them to respond explaining why this has to be and how great the DOA is? Biggest bunch of FUCKTARDS ever!

Anderson.john118 said...

Let's see how well this holds up in court. All you need to do is a quick google search to see how often this type of policy fails.

suvalley said...

They should revisit the TOU they agreed to, when they started the page. All content belongs to Facebook, everyone knows that. They just want to expand on that to include anyone (or any content) they see as a foe or unfriendly or whatever sets them off that day.

As a page reflecting the State of Alaska, they should reconsider their stance. Or, delete the comment function entirely from the page-it only takes a few clicks.

As an ADMIN myself on a number of groups, I know full well what the settings are, and how they can be used. Shame on DOA for their outright threats to the public.

Anonymous said...

Personally I am very happy not to have ever been ask to or been on the Facebook page myself as 99% of the things posted are look at what we did it's never look at what the producers have accomplished on there own funny how DOA always tries to steal families or individuals glory ALL too often and this is just another way of doing it "If we put it on our site then we own it" The gentleman that invented the Teds Box in Anchorage had the very same run in with Arthur Keys last fall over a few articles the DOA has written over his invention when they showed up asking for there proprietary rights on his invention with nothing that he signed personally or any paperwork in there hand at all. Alaska Agriculture Producers you better be Aware!

suvalley said...

What? Dear Director attempted to steal an invention?

I should be shocked.

But I'm not. Having watched his character in action since his appointment, he certainly was not chosen for his sterling ethics and moral rectitude (as they used to say).

Please feel free to share the story about "Ted's Box". And especially, how Dear Director felt entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

This explains everything! Amy Pettit, Ben Vanderweele, Scott Mugrage, Greg Giagillani, Ray Nix and not to forget the biggest cry baby Nate Burris are owned by the DOA! If you keep your nose in Arthur Keys ass long enough you get to be owned by him! Poor Laura I guess she decided to pull hers out to soon! At any rate it's quite obvious who is owned by the DOA now the agriculture elite wanna HE'S in the State that don't know shit about Agriculture or what there trying to do in Agriculture other than screw producers out of there hard earned MONEY! Each person named aboved other than Ben does not make a living from Farming or the Land in any way doesn't and they ALL try to you and me weekly how we need to conduct our business in short these people along with the entire staff at the DOA know nothing other than how to hold there hand out for something free or try to tell us how to do what we know how to do BEST! It's a Sad State of affairs when the very people that try to run Agriculture do not have a vested interest in the very thing they are trying to run or absolutely no hands on knowledge of what they are trying to guide other people in doing other than the complete Bullshit they make up and tell! We The People Need To Start Checking There Backgrounds! From a Real Farmer