Friday, July 7, 2017

Alaska Ag....The DOA Sobriquet

Once again, email and messages arrived, concerning the use of "DOA" on this blog.

The State of Alaska, Division of Agriculture, has been nicknamed here "DOA" since day one.

It has never meant, not once, the Department of Administration of the State of Alaska.  

Whatever whimsical or punny or hilarious phrase springs to mind when 'DOA' is read, is up to the reader to apply.....we've heard a number over the past couple of years ourselves. 

In fact, if you have one-feel free to share it with your fellow readers.

We'll start with this one:

The Dept. Of Angst

>insert appropriate smiley face here<


Anderson.john118 said...

Division of Abuse

Anonymous said...

Dipsh!ts Overdosed on Arrogance?

Anonymous said...

hard to choose a sobriquet
perhaps it's moot, and justice served,
soon we'll see its denoument

suvalley said...

^^^ Win! ^^^

Well done, hat's off to our local poet!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Here's one.

What a Dirty Game You Play
Grifting, Cheating, Lying Too
When Will Juneau Get a Clue?