Friday, May 23, 2008

Been way too busy!

I confess, I am a snoop :)

I take some pleasure (admittedly not in a good way) in knowing what's going on. I check the police and trooper reports nearly every day, just a habit I got into a few winters ago when I was bored here at work. So yesterday it occured to me I hadn't checked the trooper blog in a few days. I scrolled through the DUI, possession, accident, and fishing related reports....and stumbled across this gem:

Location: WasillaCase number: 08-39118Type:

Assault IV, Criminal Trespass I

Text: On 05/21/08, at approximately 2329 hours, AST arrested Leticia Belardi, age 41 of Wasilla, for (DV) Assault IV, and Criminal TrespassI, after AST responded to a residence off of Fairview Loop in Wasilla on a disturbance. Belardi was transported to the Matsu Pretrial Facilitywhere she was remanded into their custody pending her arraignment. Author: RPH0 Received Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:22 AM and posted Thursday, May 22, 2008 10:42 AM

I find this highly ironic, really I do. Just earlier this week I got a phone call from the AC officer that responded to Wingnut's condition. Thankfully, he had the foresight and judgement to impound her and thus she made her way back to my place through a Twilight Zone worthy series of coincidences. The call was to inform me that Leta Belardi had chosen to "fight" the animal cruelty/lack of humane care charges pending against her for Wingnut.

Up here, if you are cited for these, you can either contest them or not. If you don't contest, it's an automatic fine imposed by the courts-and limited by statute to $300 for the first offense. Ms Belardi has a number of such fines for various things-I think the fines total somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple thousand bucks already-before these additional fines ever get levied.

The case is scheduled to be heard on June 12th and I do plan on being there. It's doubtful I will be asked to testify to anything, but I can at least state with assurance that the only thing wrong with this horse was a lack of food! Ms Belardi has been adamant that the reason the horse was "skinny" was due to dental condition. Um, not!

Look for new photos to support this, probably Sunday when it is sunny. She shines, she gleams, and she is full of herself with plenty of energy ;) I will make sure to put up the April 1st photo and the most recent on the same thread so that you can see them side by side for yourself.

Stay tuned!


mbd said...

Oh, you missed the trooper report earlier -- maybe a month ago? Where the same individual was cited for DUI ....

She's just not having a good spring, is she?

suvalley said...

No way! Really? I had no idea!

Not a good month is one way to put it.

Karma is another.

According to AC officer, they (MSB) have judgements against her to the tune of about four grand.

Before these next series of citations relating to the horses in her "care", mind you. It's not really a good thing to lie to law enforcement either.

Of course, these are basically nothing but speeding tickets and she'll never see any jail time-but still, I am encouraging Wingnut's owner to go forward with a civil suit. I don't know that they will, but the laundry list of animal related citations would surely show a judge a pattern of behavior, yes?

suvalley said...

Oh, and for the people reading this who aren't posting-

As you are sitting at your computor going "tsk tsk, it's not nice to name names, the author shouldn't do that!"

Keep this in mind: Everything I have posted about Leta Belardi is either public record which you can look up yourself-or direct from the parties involved.

If this account keeps ONE HORSE off that woman's property, it is well worth it-after all, you have to have a reputation to besmirch it in the first place ;)

mbd said...

Location: Wasilla
Case number: 08-33837
Type: DWLS
Text: On 5/4/08 at approximately 2205 hours, the AST South Central DUI
Enforcement Team contacted a vehicle at the Tesoro at mile 4 of Knik
Goose Rd., in Wasilla, after the vehicle ran out of gas. The driver,
identified as Leticia Belardi, age 40, of Wasilla, was found to be
operating the vehicle with a suspended driver's license. Belardi was
issued a summons to appear in the Palmer Court for Driving With A
Suspended Driver's License and released at the scene.
Author: SCK2
Received Monday, May 05, 2008 4:05 AM and posted Monday, May 05, 2008 4:58 AM

My bad. It was NOT a DUI -- my memory is not as good as I used to think it was :)

But it was still a citation! Yet another way to get your name in the paper.

I back your efforts 100% to keep people like this away from our horses / animals. Hey, if you're good at what you do, your name should be out there for everyone to see.

Likewise, if you're bad at what you do, your name should be out there.

suvalley said...

Hmm, from the reports it does seem as though she should stick closer to home, eh, mbd?

Although that may be where the last fracas occured, who knows.

Of course that begs the question-why was the drivers' license suspended in the first place? >vbg< Don't know, don't care.

But I care very much that this woman offers herself up to the unwitting as a "knowledgeable" horse boarding facility.

A dead horse and one impounded and a couple "failure to restrain" citations should do the trick, you think?

Pfft! Just goes to show, a barn that looks decent on the outside, does not necessarily equate quality care. We won't even go there on bragging about paying six bucks a bale for hay. Ahem. I know exactly what six dollar a bale local looks like-and you won't find one of them in my barn-especially not within an hours' drive of Wasilla ;)

Mehh. said...

hey im Leta Belardi's daughter, and i would just like to say that this horse was haveing weight problems. we also tryed contacting her owner who never called us back.The owners of this horse got her from the shelter because she was taken for weight problems. so there for she is having PROBLEMS with weight. i went out and fed this horse 3 times a day with grain. so if you dont mind woeeying about yourself you dumb bitch. obviously you dont have a life if you look people up all day. so find something better to do you dumb BITCH!! and mind your own fuckin buisness!!! =)

Mehh. said...

and we pay $11.00 a bale not six.
and our facility is fine, so how bout you guys stop baggin on people cause you dont know what they have been through and get some fuckin lives!!!!!

but hey its just an idea.
and karma sucks bitches!

Whisper Creek Farms said...

Well now Mehh... Just so you know this wonderful horse with so called "weight problems" has lived on my property for the past 2 years! Yes she is a "hard keeper" which means that if she is not properly wormed on a regular basis and fed according to her individual needs than yes she will have "weight problems". Each animal has different needs. Not all horses can eat the exact same thing, it's a case by case situation!! Some have high metabalisms some have specific health issues and some people have no business taking care of horses!!! I have seen the pictures of her when she left your mothers care and she damn near killed her! So swallow your pride you ignorant twit and stop trying to defend the damage your mother and apparently you have caused! TJ saved this horse's life and she has done the same with other neglected or abused horses! She knows more about horse nutrition than anyone else I know! So go spout your white trash mouth elsewhere, you won't get anywhere with it on here!

Mehh. said...

i dont care what you people have to say. my mother took fine care of these horses. the only one we had a problem with was this one. and it may have helped if the damn owner picked up a phone once in her life. we feed and wormed. and bitch dont call me a twit cause you have no idea what when on with this horse.

Mehh. said...

i dont care what you people have to say. my mother took fine care of these horses. the only one we had a problem with was this one. and it may have helped if the damn owner picked up a phone once in her life. we feed and wormed. and bitch dont call me a twit cause you have no idea what when on with this horse.

Mehh. said...

and yes she was a wounderful horse.

suvalley said...

Dear little twit:

Whisper Creek Farms said...

Yes Mehh, your Mother's "fine care" of this horse was evident when Animal Control took possession of her because she was obvioulsy "BEING STARVED TO DEATH". How stupid are you to defend the care this horse received...I mean c'mon the pictures on here are right after AC dropped her off at Tj's for help, and Tj had NO problem putting weight back on her in a very short time. Keep defending what your mother did and all it makes you look like is an ignorant backwoods TWIT who doesn't know when to shut her uneducated mouth!!!

disgusted said...

Yet again.....I decided to help a certain person board a pony sept 2010 ...she dropped off 88 fifty pound bales and a very under weight pony which she said was the prior boarding facilities lack of care......little did I know of this persons reputation...I fell for a sob with 88 bales of hay place she left ....and never contacted me again until April 14th 2011 ..... Never checked on horse never returned calls....never droped of food vitamns grain nothing.... But when warm weather came ...finally called to come see her horse.....almost eights months ....i told her she owed feed bill vitamns wormer shots farrier vet bills ....she got out raged and said 88 fifty pound bales of hay was plenty of food for the winter and she doesnt understand why i wont give horse to her ....she abandoned him and didnt even chrck on him or supply basic needs and wondrrs why i am charging her ten dollars a day for his care plus grain and meds i read on here who she is and what she has done and i dont believe she should be allowed to have him back ever....

suvalley said...

disgusted....holy crap, if someone did that to me, they wouldn't get the horse back either. It's called "abandoned property"...she was looking for free care and thought she'd got it from you!

Is this is local person? If so, I want to know-I don't want to fall victim to the same situation and I don't want the people I know who board also to do the same.

I had three horses here for most of the winter, and ended up getting hosed over it. My own fault, but at least they are gone. The tiny amount of board was paid, no problem, but the half of the bobcat rental and replacing a $90 heated water tub never happened. I'll count myself lucky it wasn't worse, lol

disgusted said...

Yes local person suvalley....look up at earlier posts....i found out its her.....