Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick gardening update :)

Well despite an entire day of rain on Saturday, we made good progress with the gardening.

The new raspberry planter is prepped and waiting for the new arrivals. We put aged horse manure and a bit of moldy hay on the bottom, then top loaded with soil. I am not sure how many are coming, but I think the area can handle at least 12 to 14 big canes with ease.

The garage wall planters are in-sweet peas along the back, bush beans in front of those. Also have onion sets and a half dozen red cabbages in there. Today I will stuff leftover flowers here and there around the edges, just for color.

We put logs around the pile of topsoil we had delivered earlier in the week, then carefully knocked down the top to the logs. It is still nothing but a big mound-and that is where the potatoes are going (which are cut and drying right now) The veggie plot got covered with black plastic mulch, and I got most of that planted yesterday. We also rigged up a thoroughly hick "mini hoop house" for the two really nice pumpkin plants-it's situated over one edge of the plot and now there is a dome of clear sheeting over them. Since they haven't been hardened off to sun, this should give them some protection for a while. The sweet corn I potted up earlier has really perked up in the greenhouse, and yesterday all the veggies got fed. First fertilizing since they sprouted and way behind schedule. I may need to pot up a couple of the tomatoes later on today.

Still to plant: Broccoli, cauliflower, beets, carrots.

Of course I am still nervously watching the temperature this morning! It's been bouncing between 33 and 35+ for two hours, lol It should not be this cold at the end of May!


suvalley said...

I surely should have used the floating row cover I have.

It frosted up at the barn, which is where the veggie plot is. I won't know how many replacement squashes I will need until later today.

Boy am I ticked off at myself! And another cold night tonight too. Like I said, it's not supposed to be this cold, wah!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Seems we're having the same weather. Something cold arrived from Canada yesterday afternoon. It was a nice sunny day, mid 70's, then a front rolled thru and temps dropped 18 degrees in an hour. 35 degrees at feeding time this morning. So I guess it's ok that I didn't get the garden in yet.

suvalley said...

I was fortunate, only three squash fatalities, whew! And luckily, I had a spare four pack with replacements waiting. So they are planted and I have been using the row cover since.

Looking at everything this morning, it surely seemed pitiful, all those tiny plants, lol In another month it will look much better, I hope. Next project is to rig up some type of fencing because I do not need the errant loose horse or moose thrashing what has been planted....

Anonymous said...

I planted my garden in Knik on Sunday the 25th, and so far, so good. My garden is my first and it is just 10 feet by 10 feet (no laughing!). I only planted it with sprouted seeds, though. I didn't have a place to grow starts. I chose Denali seeds and planted lettuce, spinach, mustard, parsley, and sunflower. The mustard are coming up! None of the others are coming up yet, tho. I had to use available resources to make the garden, so I used composted horse manure and one bag of potting soil, mixed into my very sandy soil. So this garden is entirely an experiment. I agree, it *has* been cold at night!

I'm so glad Patty is doing so well! And sad about Chubs. Looking forward to seeing Lardbutt.