Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mid May happenings

I confess, I am a bad blogger......it's been a little busy around the home front and I have not made time for entries ;)

Speaking of the home front-the gardening season is slowly picking up pace. I have about half of my containers planted, and today the hanging baskets get put up along the garage wall. My wonderful hub moved the greenhouse frame by himself the other day-it is now located on the new cleared area and out of the winds. The big chore for that will be moving the 300+ concrete pavers that I had down as a floor in there, haha I am still working on potting up the tomatoes (I have too many as usual) and the peppers. I have three flats of vegetables to pick up, and my own to start hardening off as well. Our small rototiller is too puny to work the garden properly, so it looks like a rental is in order. A good neighbor has a whole bunch of sweet corn ready for me to pot up as soon as we get a covering on the greenhouse cold frame. I can hardly wait to just sit in my greenhouse with that wonderful green growing things smell!

In other news, the recovery mare continues to improve. In fact, she has improved so much, she needs to start being worked! Her personality has changed just a little bit, she's a bit more defensive than previously. I am not finding this especially hard to deal with, except that working with the one hind leg is a bit of a problem. I am not sure what happened with her and that leg, but it's real obvious she carries a lot of baggage with it now. As soon as I can get it arranged, I have someone who is going to help me work her through this in the arena. She's a pretty smart girl, so I am fairly confident this won't take but a few sessions to get the point across. At any rate, I would put her solidly at a CS 4.5 or better. There is still a bit of muscle to replace, and just a small amount of rib showing on the upper portion of the ribcage. The really bad coat continues to drop and she is sleek sleek sleek and very shiny underneath. I forgot to take a picture this weekend, sorry!

Speaking of the arena, we put back in the extra panels and my hub has been busy dragging the area flat. It is still just slightly soft along one edge, something to keep in mind when asking for turns into the rail. The plan is to add some sand up there this summer, as soon as I can swing the funds. We'll use the four wheeler and a drag to spread it.

In other news, last night I spoke at a work session of the AC Board. It was interesting, but it seems I did not quite understand the focus of the meeting. Whoops! So some of the issues I had hoped to address I omitted for the time being. I was invited to participate in other informal meetings over the coming months, and I was happy to oblige. There is a lot that can be done there, I think. But rather than going into specifics on what I spoke about here, I will leave that for it's own entry later on :)

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