Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Challenges, Chubs and endings

Hooboy, Mother Nature is challenging my driving skills! Yesterday morning I left for work with about an inch of fresh snow on the ground and it was lightly snowing. The drive into work wasn't too bad and it did continue to drop the white stuff until around 3 pm. However, it all blew away to the west, thanks to some stiff winds.

This of course left numerous drifts which needed to be mucked out in the yard at work. This is no big issue, we all know the premises is located in just about the windiest spot in the whole Valley and I made arrangements to get that taken care of today.

Along around 11 am, I called my hub. He was on the new four wheeler, plowing. Plowing? I thought to myself-whatever for? He mumbled something about six inches and said he had to get back at it. I didn't give it much thought really, figuring I had misunderstood him.

When I made my way home last night, I was quite surprised to see that we'd had a solid eight inches of snow. I was even more bemused to see the neighbor's firewood truck parked in my driveway. I had asked my hub to go over and check on old Chubs the crippled paint gelding, since we hadn't seen the owner's rig there in a few days. The owner had seen the tracks and followed my hub home-which is where I learned we acquired the horse for good.

So my hub is walking Chubs home when we have some daylight.

This ends the series of unexpected, panic filled visits by a lonely horse who was pretty much abandoned by his owners with a round bale and a stock tank-and no shelter. He seemed personable enough, if thinner than I care to see in the winter months. I've already emailed my trimmer, who is scheduled for Sunday-I said to bring the camera, you won't believe the horse walks with those blown knees!


horse snob said...
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horse snob said...

Bless your heart. Old Chubs just got a major upgrade.