Friday, January 4, 2008

If tarring and feathering were legal.....

I would be pretty busy taking care of this local woman and her is her latest Craigslist offering:

In fact, I bet I would be in a sizable crowd, chasing her down the highway to say, some other country. This woman has a lengthy history....just about any horror story has occured you can imagine with horses in her "care". Deaths from disease, accident, colics, starvation, etc, have occured. She has even left corpses strung up to a tree in the yard for the mangy hounds to eat.

She deals in so many, and on payment no less, that I only know of *one* person (out of hundreds) who did not get ripped off. Every horse is outrageously overpriced and they nearly all have a physical limitation, if not a downright dangerous one under saddle or for handling. You will never get the "papers" unless you pay full price up front, or an extra $500 after the contract i s paid. She's taken recreational equipment and other stuff in trade. There's never enough feed there and come early spring, most will be CS4 at best. The local AC has a file on her about three inches thick, yet she seldom gets cited by staying just barely within the boundaries of minimal care. Yet she is quick to sue anyone else, to get a judgment on debt.

A number of years ago, she "found the Lord" and got remarried. This seems to have helped her with her horse dealings as she is able to keep the doors open year round. It has not, however, kept her from being the worst example of a horse trader we have in state. to wit: RIDING THE TWO YEAR OLD ALL SUMMER. See the picture with the smiling rider? WTF is wrong with that broad? Everyone with any horse sense knows you do not ride a baby! Grrr!

I have personally seen foals so ill they were near death. Carcasses. No hay on premises. No water for all horses. Numerous new scars from ill fitting equipment. Numerous untreated injuries from squabbles in tiny, trash strewn paddocks. She leaves a trail of used up and broken down horses across the area....once she has used them up in her trail riding operation, she then sells them off to suckers, who pay double to triple what they are really worth. She is able to do this because she takes payments.

And to top it off, she breeds. Anything with a uterus it seems. I have no idea what she has for a stallion these days, but it's sure to be fugly along with all her stock. Anything above average that appears there, came from somewhere else.

I have plenty of coal tar-a whole five gallons of it at work....only two feather pillows though :(


motleycrew said...

Oh if only I could join you!!! The more I have learned about her and the horse I currently own I know she is responsible for the poor horse's injury. I shudder to think what actually happened.

I feel for that poor 2 year old, nobody should ride a baby!!

You bring the tar and I'll bring the feathers!!!

suvalley said...

Before this gets flagged off:

Looks like we are not the only two to see the outright cruelty of that woman....I take it you have a horse from/through her?

Is there anything I might be able to help with?

suvalley said...

Just to save for prosperity, because there are flagging watchdogs that cruise the Anchorage list:

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Date: 2008-01-04, 7:37PM AKST

A 2y/o thats been rode all summer... Thats sad.

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horse snob said...

I have a couple of feather pillows I could donate to the cause. WTF riding a 2 yr old all summer? Now that I think about it tar and feathering is to good for her, how about hanging her carcase from the tree for the freaking huskies???

Motley, is your horse going to be okay?

suvalley said...

Ah, another person upset at this waste of DNA and air:

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Date: 2008-01-05, 10:00AM AKST

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE. They are horrible to the horses. they are started young and rode to much. they lack proper development and are bound to have issues as they age. the equipment that is used for trail riding is crazy, i.e old, rusted out, doesn't fit properly etc.

heres the website. browse the pictures. they are worth a thousand words.

I wonder if these comments are going to end up flagged off?

horse snob said...

This sure looks like prime fugly fodder!

motleycrew said...

Horse Snob......its an old injury, the mare is 14 years old now, the injury happened when she was around 6 months old. I got her a year ago, I knew she wasn't 100% sound when I bought her, but I couldn't leave her where she was. She was in a place nearly as bad as the place she was born. She didn't ask to be passed from owner to owner. We are going to do x-rays and send them out for a consult. After that our farrier is going to work on a corrective trim to maybe help her.

Maybe if some action had been taken when it first happened things would be different. Instead she was sold and sold again and again and again. I've talked to a couple previous owners to learn her history.

She gets around fine, but her fetlock doesn't work as its intended to, she's got a hitch in her get along, lol. For now she's just turned out, we'll see what summer brings.

horse snob said...

Motley, Bless your heart for giving her a safe home. You too TJ for giving no name a chance at a happy life.