Sunday, January 20, 2008


OK now here you can see how difficult coping with his feet are going to be :(

The side view is somewhat skewed due to lighting and angle, but he is seriously that bad.

The upper photo, which I had to doctor slightly as it was very dark. It shows his alert, friendly expression very well


Lori said...

He has the look of a gentle soul. Some of these horses have such a great spirit that they just deal with their condition humbly and gracefully. I'm sure he has a DEEP appreciation to those whom help him along and show him love and kindness.
Poor guy.

horse snob said...

I sure hope you can come up with something between the vet and farrier to keep him comfortable.

I agree with Lori he does look like a gentle soul. Very kind eyes. I will throw up a few prayers for him and your check book.