Saturday, January 5, 2008

I am delighted to know I am not alone!

Direct from Craigslist, in response to the posting of yesterday:

Reply to 4 trail horses and ponies $2000 in Palmer
Reply to: see belowDate: 2008-01-05, 2:53PM AKSTEveryone out there looking for a horse please DO NOT BUY form this lady she also has the Belgian mare for sale. I have been out to look at her horses and every one of them was lame and had some sort of injury on their leg and was infected and supposedly they had seen a vet and it was fine. This lady cares nothing about the care of her horses and only cares about how much money she can make off of them. She should be reported to Alaska Equine Rescue and the horses should be taken from her. The horses also have very bad manners and kick and bite and when you go out there the horses will already be tied to the post because she doesn’t want anyone to know that they are hard to catch. But you really can’t blame them I wouldn’t want to be caught either knowing the way she treats them. I mean come on ridding a 2 year old horse all summer. Buy the way this is the same lady that was selling back in October and had a child ridding the 7 month old foal (baby horse). People please buy from someone else and report her to the authorities.
Location: Palmer


suvalley said...

And two more:

Reply to:
Date: 2008-01-05, 5:27PM AKST

WOW, I just got flagged for voicing
how I feel about someone riding a 2 years old
horse that is still considered a baby and also
placing a child on a foal that is still nursing
on its mama. How sad this is...all you have to
do is go to their web sight to see what I am
talking about. Check out their pictures....
they are worth more than words can say

suvalley said...

Well well, it seems there is a bit of a snit ove the posting by Briggs on Craigslist. Unfortunately I was not fast enough to snag the website before it got flagged off, drat. It's something like

Glad to see people complaining!

suvalley said...

Well it took a little online digging, but I did find the website....there have been a number of name changes over the years, and she operates under various names:

suvalley said...

And I just have to ask...does anyone know how she ended up with Teddy? That is Windy's Double, APHA stallion...well known locally.