Friday, April 11, 2008

And on Friday

I am happy to pass along that the mare has finally (yippee yi yay!) gotten her old appetite back!

To say that I am thrilled is putting it mildly....previously, she had been leaving just a tad bit of grass hay between meals. Last night, on the late evening snack, her entire dinner was gone and she was definitely ready for more :) So I bumped the evening snack by about a pound, and this morning it was cleaned up and she was hungry.

As in: Iwantmybreakfastnowandrightthisinstant! hungry >vbg< So, I upped breakfast by another pound and set out a hefty lunch too. I think she is ready for free choice, YAY!

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suvalley said...

Oh and in case anyone was wondering why I haven't just tossed out huge piles of hay for this horse as yet.....

Ever own a stall pig? One who stirs everything in it around, mixes it thoroughly, stomps hay and bedding together? Tops it with a couple pee spots and a pile or two? Inside of 6 hours?

Ayep, that's this horse.

Consequently she has no bedding to soak every day by walking mud and wet in-or using it as a litter box ;) Hay cannot be fed inside any container that she can't flip or toss or empty in some fashion-not a stall wall manger, not a hay net, not a stationary feeder, not a muck tub or even a rubbermaid trough. And how do I know this?

BTDT, have the Tshirt!

Anything not nailed down numerous times with sinkers, ends up down the run-fun to play with, ya know? So all hay is fed in one corner...and it is usually spread across the whole stall by the next meal-stems and wisps and all (if any are left). Sigh. Last summer she had an abcess, and we had to confine her to the stall while her foot was soaked. Ay yi yi, what a mess! Two wheelbarrow loads a day, easy, and she wasn't above splashing water out of the stock tank to play with that too! I'd rather she made most of her messes outside the stall, rather than in it ;)

Busy busy girl, this one-and now that she is feeling better, back to her old "I'm always thinking" playfulness :)