Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the gardening end :)

I have been pretty busy with starting vegetables this year. I have taken 45 flats of assorted plants over to my friends' greenhouse so far, with another 8 or 10 flats still to go. And I will be starting lettuce and more broccoli, for the third time, lol

I picked up five different roses this week, and have another one coming from Jackson & Perkins here in a week or two-this is going to be a nice change as I typically only do one or two, just for show. This year, I will keep one in the greenhouse, and place the others strategically around the front of the house. Also this year, I am going to try putting a couple of tomatoes in the planters along my garage wall, since it gets very warm there and gets a lot of sun. I am hopeful for a better tomato year ahead....all told, I will have about 20, with five of those being basket tomatoes-the much sought after Tumbler.

Another friend started a whole packet of corn, from seed. As luck would have it, it has all come up and she is sharing a number of those with me also. Last year I did some in pots in the greenhouse and it did very well with the heat in there.....I am so looking forward to some corn this fall-yum!

My hanging baskets have been planted for a month already and are starting to get some size to them, I think they are going to look pretty nice. This year, I went with a red, white and blue color scheme, just for something different.

As far as the garden proper goes....last year, I had things in the ground the first week of May. This year, I will be lucky to have it even close to thawed-there was still about six inches of snow on it as of this morning. Blech. It can warm up and be break up anytime now!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

What zone are you? We're in zone 4 here. We can squeeze out a 150 day season with protection. I could plant cool weather crops now, but my gardens aren't ready. It's been wet, and by the time I get home from work, do chores, and work a horse it's dark. Hafta wait til the weekend, but of course they are predicting rain.

suvalley said...

Zone 3 here....very short season actually.

I like to be in the greenhouse in May and first frost is between about the third week of August to mid September. Of course I try to extend what I can, I do use row cover.

My dream greenhouse would have a wood stove for heat!