Saturday, April 26, 2008

We are making progress!

Yesterday we had a huge snowfall for this late during breakup. I got a scant nine inches at my place, while others got a foot and more. Just when things were starting to dry up too!
The photos are from today, the 26th of April. Sorry about the color tint, I think I must have a setting screwy on my digital camera that I can't figure out. It was very very bright out, and why these came out with blue tints I have no idea. The one picture that has the odd coloring was from my attempt at adjusting the tint. Um, not!
Anyhow, as you can hopefully see, we have and are making good progress! I used the weight tape on her three times, coming up with an average that puts her at just about 1000 pounds, or perhaps very slightly under that. For condition score, I would put her about a 3.5 on the Henneke condition score chart.
This morning when I went to feed, the horses were all pretty "fresh". There was a lot of charging around, bucking, blowing and generally being silly and goofy. I was pleased to see the mare join in the activity...charging up and down the run, head flinging-she even let out a short, sharp blow :) I had completely forgotten just how big that horse's stride is! Man she can really cover the ground in nothing flat!
At the time I took the pictures, the amazing lady that comes over to help keep the barn tidy was here also. We spent a few minutes grooming and loving on her, for which she stood like a champ. This is something relatively new as during her previous time here, grooming was pretty much a dance forward (forward, check, forward, check etc) and sideways. Her survival coat is falling out and it will take hours of elbow grease to get the duff and dirt up off the skin....the coat is very scurfy, but amazingly, no lice and no rain rot either. Underneath all the yuck I see the beginnings of a healthy coat starting to show.
Since she probably was not wormed over the months she was gone, I hope she is now done rubbing her tail (she's been wormed 3 times-tonight she gets a 4th dose) and it will start to grow back in on the dock.
In other words, I am very pleased with how she is coming along!

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The1CowgirlsEnvy said...

Wow, she looks so good, I'm amazed how well she has turned around and improved! Way to go girl!