Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday update

A fairly productive day today :)

First, the horse got a hoof trim. This does not sound like much on the surface, but the poor thing was standing on nearly one and a half inches of hoof wall (ouch!) The wonderful person who trims had great patience as we dealt with a horse in some was really rewarding to watch the horse figure out "hey that doesn't hurt so bad any more" and to see the hairline on the coronet return to a more normal line. The swelling on both hinds (looked nearly stocked up) had receded by about 80% within three hours.

And we put the weight tape on her-and got 874. Now, AC had her at just over 900 the day she came here, so I will attribute the difference to the inaccuracy of the weight tape itself. But, since that's what I have to use, I will tape her once a week on Saturdays. Later on this afternoon I noticed she was walking freely, and showing her signature circling head toss-a sure sign she is feeling better.

Also today I noticed several loose stools. Because of this, I will back off the oil just a little bit, and cut back the alfalfa hay by one pound a feeding and then try one or the other to see how she handles the increase. . She is really digging into the grass hay with relish, which is wonderful.

Naturally this is not going to happen overnight, but I am anxious to see or feel any gain. Since the weather turned off colder with snow all day, I think this may set that back a few days. But I am optomistic I will see/feel appreciable gain in about ten days.

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