Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend picture :)

I think the pictures speak for themselves :) When the AC officer arrived on Saturday morning, it was already in the mid 40s and she was pretty warm under the heavy winter blanket. I left it on purposely because I knew what a great surprise was in store. You should have seen his face when I took it off-his eyes lit up, got moist, and he started just beaming ;) He couldn't believe the change, and was absolutely thrilled with the progress! We both condition scored, and placed her at a 3, or just scantly above that. Interestingly enough, we have totally differing weight tapes. So we spent a few minutes trying to determine just exactly where I should be using that. His tape put her at 1080 on top of the highest point of the wither (no way, lol!) and mine, in the same place as before....between 960 and 970. When you have a horse with a huge wither but who has a very slim build otherwise, this is a judgement call to some degree. Still wish I had a livestock scale....he did offer to weigh her on the Boro scales if I would haul her over though ;)

Now in most cases a three is pretty danged bad (and it is!) but considering where I started-this is great progress in just three weeks. The top photo shows her condition the day she arrived at a CS 1.5, and the other two are from Sunday the 20th.
Amazing what a carefully managed diet of well balanced nutrition can do, eh?
Leta Belardi, you can suck eggs...there is nothing wrong with this horse that FOOD wouldn't remedy!


CTG Ponies said...

She looks great!!! We have a mini that looked like her when we got her. It really is amazing how quickly they start to gain with good nutrition.


suvalley said...

Thanks a bunch for the compliment, I sincerely appreciate it :)

It has been wonderful watching this mares' energy level increase, and her slowly start exhibiting the playful, busy, outgoing personality she had before. Just Saturday I saw her actually make a play dash-head fling and all. I was just delighted to see her start playing!

Of course, she immediately had a reminder on manners and personal space, haha

Lori said...

She is looking good!
Glad to hear she's getting her spark back.

suvalley said...

My gosh, I totally forgot to pass along the weight!

The AC officer's tape showed 1080, which we both agreed was impossible. My tape showed between 960 an 970-and that is what we agreed upon between us. As long as I keep taping in the same spot, it should be somewhat accurate, right?

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