Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday smiles :)

Today it is sunny out, if not exactly warm at 35 degrees. I had a friend come over, and the horse's foster Dad arrived, since she was overheated in the sun, we took off the blanket.

I am delighted to say that we can see real improvement, woohoo!! Yes I took some pictures and I will get those developed tomorrow-and get them up as soon as I can-I promise!

We also weight taped her, and came up with 916. That's up from the 876 from a week ago, which I think is fairly amazing considering everything. It's easy to see that the lower third of the ribs are starting to fill in, and the gaps between the rest are shallower too. You can see a teeny bit of "butt jiggle" when she walks also. Not much of anything deposited on the upper third of the body at all, but the hip bones don't seem as stark and there does seem to be a minute amount of increase over the spinous processes.

I am just thrilled. She was wormed with ivermection dose is four days from now. (On veterinary advice, doses five days apart for ten doses) She had no troubles with that liquid squirted on the mash either, thank heavens :)

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