Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas wishes

Yesterday, between the wonderful meal, and the ongoing conversations, I would have be struck with the occasional off-topic thought. Such as, what am I going to do with the new horse? How am I going to get him home? Who is going to haul on the holiday? Can I even get the blasted horse trailer out of it's winter parking spot? How can I clone myself to get bedding and hay hauled home too? How are we going to hang the radiant heater? Will the tarps work to keep the winds out of that stall, or will they shred? And so on and on.....

This morning I called my friend (the one whose mare was viciously attacked by the neighbor dogs) because they have a nice new dually pickup-plus, they have borrowed my horse trailer before. They had originally offered to haul-but between the holiday stuff going on, and the husband's lingering illness, they aren't able to do this right now.

So I called back to Bluegrass Equestrian Center and had a great conversation with the owner there. Bless her heart, she offered up a heated stall, and offered to haul him for me! So I quickly called my husband, and we both agreed-heated stall is where he should go anyway. I am so thankful that Bluegrass even had the space, and certainly didn't expect an offer to haul him too, lol Of course, she is going there anyway to take her dog into the clinic, but still, how wonderful is that?? Hip hip hooray, to the owners of Bluegrass Equestrian Center!

Of course now that I have typed that out, I am thinking to myself: Self, this is stupid! You have a great one ton truck. You have a marvelous enclosed two horse slant trailer. You have a barn. You have found a heater to borrow. You have found a couple blankets....You need to bring him home!

But, we have no brake controller in the truck-and the roads are pretty icy with the new snowfall over night. And more forecast tonight as well. There was no way to get the stall rigged up to put him in, with the water line work being done, and Christmas too. All we would have been able to do is rig up tarps to help keep the winds off him, and that's about it. So I think tonight on my way home I will be dropping by Bluegrass in person-and giving my thanks to them for their generosity and willingness to help out another horse person in need :)

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