Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday update :)

The first word on the geldings condition is this:

He does not have any ongoing issues with kidney or liver function (Hooray!!!!)
He desperately needs his teeth floated, they are terrible
They are also going to run a fecal, to check for parasite load

The prescription is:

At least one month in a heated situation. And the right recovery diet of course.

I can't even go there on how I am going to manage that....either I have to pay big board at a facility that can't handle his mashes, bring him home and stuff him in my garage, or find someone willing to help out who has space.

I won't count on any further help from most people, now that the immediate needs have been met. And I don't even want to ask what keeping him at the clinic for a month would cost either.....

Open to suggestions, of course!

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L said...

Well, I'm glad he's not quite at death's door after all! Hope you get a good, semi cheap arrangement figured out for the next month. :-)