Monday, December 31, 2007

A local Craigslist offering

Which you can see here (before it gets deleted of course) underscores my low opinion of people, as expressed in a September entry titled "the Discarded"

The longer I think about this horse, the more infuriated I become at the human race, and in particular, those who endeavor to get rid of the aged. Especially if they think they can make a buck doing so. That 500 bucks the owner insists on having won't come from those who have the knowledge and desire to take care of the elderly equine. Nope, it will come from a novice owner who likely has no clue about a seniors' special needs.

This poor old horse, and by Alaskan standards, 30 is ancient, has survived his past to arrive where he is today-with an owner who has obviously taken very good care of him (shown by the photos of a horse in good weight, well groomed, with an alert and happy expression) since the "rescue". Like I posted on a local group, this horse probably thinks he is in pony heaven already, having been rescued by the current owner. Little does he know (or understand) that his future hinges on the whims of said owner-who is obviously thinking trail rides have no value. And worse yet, that his service in the owners' care does not warrant permanent retirement.

Just where does the owner think this horse will go, in the limited time he has left? Some sort of Polyanna situation where a wealthy person takes pity on him and keeps him in a Disney perfect barn, until such time as he passes away peacefully in a deeply bedded stall? Hardly likely.

The real truth here is this: The only people likely to purchase this horse are looking for a safe older one for their novice children to poke around on. Maybe get them started into 4-H, or maybe go on trail rides....or at least that will be the intent. But anyone willing to cough up the $500 for a thirty year old horse is also likely to be ignorant of the horse market-which means horse keeping in general. And that is a very dangerous place for an old horse to be in the middle of winter.

I am wishing for a responsible, caring person to step forward and assume the mantle of retirement for this horse-and the others needing ease with their age-early in the New Year.

Cynic that I am, I won't be holding my breath........


horse snob said...

Once again you have said so well, what I can't say without adding a lot of cussing. It really pisses me off to think that someone could do such a thing.
First she rescues him, (nice job), then she uses him and out grows him??? WTF
As you said, 30 in Alaska is quite an accomplishment. But, add the stress of moving to a new home, new pasture mates, and our harshest weather coming right around the corner. Then add the novice owner factor, and this guy doesn't really stand a chance.

suvalley said...

I chatted briefly with someone who spoke to the owner. Its a teenager, and she has two horses boarded. Its board that she can't swing it seems. Apparantly she put that price tag on him to keep him out of the hands of mushers.

Still doesn't make it right, in my mind.