Thursday, December 27, 2007

Godspeed, Benizar Bhutto.....

It was with a heavy heart I learned about the assassination of Benizar Bhutto this morning.

I admit I follow US politics much more closely than I do world events, but Ms Bhutto left a mark upon me, many years ago. Back then, when the media first became aware of her platform and I saw video coverage of a couple of her speeches....I was very impressed with this brave woman who stood up to opposition with such fervor and resolve. Of course, I was not really familiar with the politics of the time-it's just that she represented (to me) an independent woman, someone to be admired and respected. I thought she was very courageous to speak up against oppression and her passion to make great changes in Pakistan remarkable.

Naturally, as is the way of man, she became a target. Men feared her spirit, her capacity to unify and to challenge beliefs, customs and the government itself. A fiery speaker, this small statured woman had a great voice, and I had hoped she would lead Pakistan forward into the new century with her vision of democracy and progress.

It was not to be.

May her passing inspire others to carry on, to be brave, to speak out, to work for change.

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