Sunday, December 16, 2007

What plan was that?

Me and my big mouth, I knew I shouldn't have said anything, ha!

No we didn't get the horse yesterday. Too cold, too icy where they are, and its going to drop off vary cold here for the next couple of days. It's zero at my house right now, with winds forecast later on today.

So intead, I scrounged up a couple blankets, loaded a couple bales of that "gourmet hay" into the back of the Vue, and headed to the feed store. There, I met up with another gal who does some private recovery (like many of us do) and she gave me some of the really good probiotic by Equerry to take in-and I picked up beet pulp and more Delta hay pellets.

I was disheartened to see them again in person. They are both just as bad as I remember, if not worse. The mare had on a poorly adjusted blanket, and it just hung off of her bones. The gelding looked about the same, so no significant improvement in a weeks' time for either. We went inside and I laid out a diet plan for them both, which included making bigger mashes and beginning feeding the good hay. I had her start out with just a pound of the good hay a feeding, and increasing by half a pound every day until they are getting at least 5 pounds each a feeding of the good stuff. And to continue to make sure they have the crappy round bale hay of course.

And I scoped out a way to get a horse trailer in and out safely and where it could be parked for loading. I left, wishing the road conditions were better.

This morning I get a call, and from there, spoke to someone else who also does recovery, and who doesn't live far from where the horses are now, on the Lower Hillside in Anchorage. Over an hour on the phone between three calls, and I am very very hopeful that the mare has a new home, and that the gelding gets a ride out here from Anchorage in the next couple of days.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

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