Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

Someplace else, please!

Yesterday I had sleet, freezing rain, and then snow before I left for work. Snowed all day here, we ended up with about four inches here at work. At home, more like five. It's extremely wet and heavy stuff, so I am not confident about using the brand new wheeler with brand new blade that's tucked safely in the garage. Even though it's a much bigger machine than our old wheeler, it is still not a pickup with a blade. So today I am going to try to find someone to plow out the place-of course, everybody else needs plowing out too-including myself here at work. I am dead in the water here until the yard and culdesac is cleared out. Also on my list is to find someone to get the chain back on the one side of the forklift-it spun halfways off on Monday when I was loading a tank.

Goes without saying the plowing needs to be done before the truck and trailer arrives with the horse this weekend, and here at work before I can use the forklift to unload hay out of the van which arrived yesterday afternoon too.

Oh well, if I didn't have these challenges, life would sure be boring! It's the speed bumps on the road of life which lets us know we've been somewhere ;)


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Oh, just git that 4wheeler out and use it! We've got over 5000 sq. ft of driveway and our 4wheeler does the best job. Even taught Wifey how to operate it, and I couldn't get her to give up the saddle, so to speak! Use 4wd, low gear, and you don't need no stinking chains. Have fun.

p.s. - Hank here

suvalley said...

LOL, very funny, Hank! I didn't want to foul up the blade on the danged thing, the little feet are very small and there is a lot of gravel here.

Much better to let a pickup do it the first time-which got done today. This means, they rolled the larger rocks off for me ;)

So my procrastinating had a purpose, you could say.